Affordable Tuition Options

Affordable Tuition Options at RAM Bible Institute and Seminary

At RAM Bible Institute and Seminary, we understand the financial challenges of pursuing higher education. That’s why we offer our students affordable, convenient 0% interest-free tuition payment plans to help keep you out of debt.

The average tuition rate for a private, four-year college is $23,000 per year, while the average cost to attend a public four-year college is $6,000 per year (according to the College Board). These numbers can seem daunting, but at RAMBIS, you can earn your degree at a much more affordable price:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (120 Hours): $12,000 ($100 per credit hour)
  • Master’s Degree (36 Hours): $4,500 ($125 per credit hour)
  • Doctorate Degree (36 Hours): $5,400 ($150 per credit hour)

That’s over 80% lower than the average private college tuition!

What’s more, students often end up paying a significant amount in interest on student loans. With a standard 6.8% interest rate over 20 years, you could pay an additional $76,000 in interest on a $700/month payment plan.

At RAMBIS, we offer a better solution. Our 0% interest-free tuition financing plan allows you to pay for your education as you complete it, with affordable monthly payments as low as $150. This means you can avoid the burden of high-interest student loans and focus on your studies.

Here’s a summary of why a RAMBIS education is so affordable:

  • No student loans or interest
  • Tuition that’s about 80% lower than the average private college
  • Flexible, budget-friendly monthly payment plans

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Director of Finance at We’re here to help make your educational goals a reality.