Nontraditional education is nothing new. It dates back to the American 1700s when John Wesley utilized the home study method to educate laymen and ministers alike to spread the revival fires of Methodism.

Nearly a century ago many European universities, including the University of London offered the “nonresidential” degree program. During the 1960s nontraditional education began to emerge, especially in the theological ranks, and various new concepts in education were presented to the American public. For the most part the Americans liked the idea of nontraditional training and the early pioneers were on their way to greater heights.

The 90s were the revolution years for nontraditional education. And with the passing of the first decade of the New Millennium, even greater things are happening!!! Well known, regionally accredited theological seminaries and universities are now offering a master’s and doctorate by home study. Even secular universities are reevaluating their traditional ideologies because of federal cut backs, loss of funding, recession and the decline of student enrollment. Even they now are offering nontraditional programs.

Who knows what the future will hold!!!

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